About Eagle Community Care


ECC was founded in 2017 in Warrimoo (“Place of Eagles”) in the NSW Blue Mountains as a sole trader personal in-home Community Services provider within the NDIS funding framework. This was using experience and qualifications gained since 2009 while working in the public and private Community Services sector in positions as a Community, Disability, and Mental Health support worker.

ECC is proud to unveil plans for a transition to Community-oriented regenerative farming on Permaculture principles. The aim is to provide quality environmentally sustainable food at affordable prices with priority to low-income households and individuals.

Further bonuses of greater discounts, social connection, and engagement for volunteer participants are included in the plan. This will be slowly developed on a new property near Bathurst, NSW.

Proposed future Permaculture farming development
Proposed future Permaculture farming development

Experience and qualifications:


I have experience since 2009 mainly working in ADHC group homes for people with profound Autism and Neurodevelopmental Delay, Aquired Brain Injury, psychosocial and physical disabilities as well as positions in Community and Mental Health support and casework.

The foundations upon which I build my work are my formal practical training, work experience, and theoretical academic background learning in this sector.

I also have skills and understanding acquired from many years of previous personal life experience of Autism with Psychosocial Disability challenges and the Recovery process, as a peer and consumer self-managing their recovery.