About Me


I was able to start ECC in late 2017 after decades of a serious diagnosed Psychosocial disability. My own self-managed Recovery journey had progressed to the point where my situation had greatly improved. This was achieved in combination with Medical treatment, psychological therapy and lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, and stress management. A recent late Autism Spectrum diagnosis has put a lot of those early struggles into perspective and informs the continuing process.

It is now my passion to continue to serve and support others in what I believe comes from the unique place of having been through the process of identifying, evaluating, and successfully implementing the various strategies which supported me while propelling me on my journey of healing and growth.

Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare), 2013

I started my formal studies and then work in this field later in life, first completing my Disability Certificate III in 2009 and then moving upwards eventually onto a degree in Social Science, specialising in Social Welfare. I’m currently studying for a graduate diploma of Psychology at university level as I wish to enter the field of Neuropsychology so I may one day contribute to research and hopefully better treatments for those seeking relief as I did.