Your Mind: Use It or Lose It.

“It shows that women living in gender-equal countries have better cognitive test scores later in life than women living in gender-unequal societies. Moreover, in countries that became more gender-equal over time, women’s cognitive performance improved relative to men’s.”

via Women Show Cognitive Advantage in Gender-Equal Countries | The Neuropsychotherapist

One of my greatest inspirations, Bucky Fuller, once said that every child is born a genius, but most are swiftly “degeniused”. This would occur by removing the means to develop to their true potential, or cause a suppressing of themselves from doing so. The principle of Neuroplasticity means though it’s never too late for anyone to rise to whatever potential they possess, it may just be a heroic achievement whatever their gender.

Author: Dominic Pukallus

I'm interested in things.

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