Nutrient Power by William J Walsh, PhD

When I was freed from the terrible symptoms of my own prolonged mental illness, I was ravenous to find out exactly why. Why was it that what I had thought of as ‘mere’ vitamins and minerals had been so effective in relieving my anguish? Also, why was it that in my middle age after decades as a Psychiatric patient I had not known to think of them any other way? I found the answers in this book. Luckily for me, I am technically minded but I find even then I have been needing to re-read it periodically as my knowledge and understanding in these matters increases both from my own research and my formal university Medical studies. Also I cannot underestimate, in the rewards I obtain from my periodic re-reading, the progressive improvement in my general cognitive abilities as I put behind me the decades of brain impairment both from the illness itself and the side-effects of the medications which had belatedly helped to some extent. My own review on Amazon, one of many positives:

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