Musical Evocation.

I first heard this Drones song in darker days and I always found it too jarringly close to home to enjoy despite its poetic merit. Later, Missy Higgins made it hauntingly beautiful with the pathos of it that she distilled and in her voice I was able to find refuge.

Now those days are fading in my memory like a past nightmare and I am able to revisit either of these versions as reminders of where and how I used to be. To me the first version is the personification of the jittery Anxiety I remember, and the second is a powerful representation of the deep Depression’s despair I lived with.

Every time I hear either of them I rekindle the gratefulness I feel that this is in my past and the compassion I must bear for those whose present this is.

Author: Dominic Pukallus

I'm interested in things.

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